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Suzhou Haiermei is located in southern China. We are a professional sweater manufacturer and wholesaler providing OEM services. The factory has 21 years of experience in sweater design and a large number of professional knitting equipment.It independently develops hundreds of sweater series products every year. It is a professional sweater product that undertakes custom weaving, custom dyeing, and customization. It has international advanced sewing, sewing, picking and hooking. Other technologies and computerized flat knitting machines. It supports the production of manuscript design drawings, the production of samples, the production of samples of clothes, and the OEM processing and production. The factory has advanced production equipment, rich practical operations and advanced woolen production management experience. In terms of development, it fully integrates fashion design concepts from Europe, the United States, Korea, Japan, etc., and uses high-quality yarns, coupled with fashionable knitting methods and popular colors, to provide customers with new style references. The factory adheres to the concept of high quality and low price. Adhere to the use of source materials for production, and realize any customization of any style for customers everywhere. In addition, we have a professional and enthusiastic business follow-up team that can provide customers with high-quality and efficient services. Our company has a textile testing laboratory to verify products and implement a strict quality control system. You can send us a teck pack, original samples or choose our styles, then we will make samples and quote for your approval to start business.


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