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      In addition to the knitting process of Haiermei, which can be woven into various grey fabrics, which can be cut and sewn into various knitted products, it can also be knitted directly on the machine to form products to meet the needs of forming or some forming products. The selection of forming skills can save materials, simplify or eliminate cutting and sewing procedures, and improve the taking function of the product. Knitting production has been rapidly developed due to the short technical process, strong material adaptability, fast modification types, wide range of product use, low noise and low energy consumption. Since the 1970s, the production rate of knitting machines has greatly improved. For example, circular weft knitting machines (latch needles) can weave approximately 3,000 courses per minute, and the weaving width of warp knitting machines is mostly 427 cm, the highest per minute. It can knit 2000 courses, and the speed of the single-cylinder circular hosiery machine can reach 1000 revolutions per minute.
Loose Sweater Manufacturer
      The use of electronic skills to control the operation of the knitting machine has improved the power of the machine. Various active yarn feeding devices are installed on the machine to improve the quality of goods. Add some arrangements to the machine to knit knitted fabrics with various arrangements and structures and different uses: such as the use of needle selection arrangements to make the knitting needles put into operation according to the pre-arranged procedures to knit jacquard knitted fabrics; the use of combing arrangements to feed loose fibers Knitting needles are used to knit plush knitted fabrics; warp and weft inserting equipment is used to knit warp and weft inserting knitted fabrics. There are many kinds of knitting machines, which have exceeded 350 kinds. Following the development of new types of knitting and processing chemical fibers in Dongguan and the development of post-cleaning skills, the properties of knitted fabrics such as scratching, non-ironing and wear resistance have been improved. The use of brushing, sanding, shearing, ginning and pleats, etc., has expanded the variety of knitwear.

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