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Washing of chemical fiber sweaters

For sweaters knitted with synthetic fiber wool such as acrylic, the following aspects should be paid attention to when washing:
1. Turn the sweater over when washing (turn it inside out);
2. Immerse in warm water (about 40°C) dissolved in neutral detergent for 10-20 minutes;
3. Take it out and spread it flat on the platform and press it by hand or tap it gently (avoid scrubbing with a brush);
4. Rinse with warm water after washing (appropriate amount of softener can be added);
5. After washing, just press gently with your hands to remove most of the water;

6. The square is placed on a flat board to dry in a ventilated place. Be careful not to dry it directly in the sun to avoid fading or reduced elasticity. When laying flat, you need to straighten the sweater with your hands. (Clothes with buttons need to be buttoned up) The synthetic fiber sweater does not need to be ironed after washing and drying.

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