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Identification method of sweater fiber composition

Fiber identification can be identified by methods such as hand feel, visual inspection, burning, microscopy, dissolution, drug coloring, and infrared spectroscopy. However, due to the limitations of equipment and conditions, we can use some simple fiber identification methods when we wholesale sweaters every day!
Identification steps:
1. The combustion method can be used to distinguish natural sweater fibers and sweater chemical fibers. As everyone knows, chemical fiber is one of the relatively cheap yarns with poor wearing performance.
2. Sweater natural fiber, it is necessary to use microscope observation method to distinguish plant fiber and animal fiber.
3. The chemical fiber of sweater is distinguished by the difference of the melting point, specific gravity, refractive index, solubility and other properties of the fiber.
4. Sweater blended fibers and blended yarns can be observed with a microscope. All fiber types can be seen and then distinguished by appropriate methods.

5. For the dyed or finished fiber, the dyeing can be stripped or pre-treated first, so that the identification result is accurate.

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