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How to identify the quality of sweaters

1. Appearance: The surface of the sweater should be smooth and with a sense of wool, and the knitting lines should be clear. Especially the sweater made of good wool yarn will not have obvious thick yarn! Evenly dry.
2. Thick and thin grades, wool grains, thin and dense needles, and patterns are excellent. Check the sweater for missing stitches, wrong lines, oil stains, etc.
3. Ribbing: plain clothes with ribbed cuffs and ribbed hem. The ribbed edges are straight, not loose or wrinkled, and feel full, warm, and elastic. Anyway, those ribs are not elastic, which is not conducive to wearing, hem distortion, warping, etc. All are defective sweaters!
4. Color: Bright color, pleasing to the eyes, pure wool or wool blended sweaters have a soft fat luster, will not appear in the mirror, etc.! The color is the same, and there is no obvious color, color difference, color file and other defects are high-quality products. The color is dull, smelly, the lens is obvious, the color difference is obvious, and the color is faded, etc. All are inferior sweaters!

5. Stitches: The stitches are firm, the stitches are even, the stitches are straight, there are no missing stitches and obvious shortcomings, it is a high-quality product, the stitches are misplaced, the stitches are twisted, perforations, etc.

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